Singing a New Song

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MEMBERSHIP of YES Cymru – the non-aligned movement for Welsh Independence – has now surged past 11,000 members, just one day after breaking through the 10,000 member barrier.

A remarkable figure when one considers all the genuine worries that its momentum would be halted by lockdowns, and the fact they haven’t held a public rally for over a year.

The figures were released by the movement over the weekend.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said he would like to congratulate the organisation for breaking the 10,000 members mark.

‘These numbers are brilliant, since they suggest that many more people of various persuasions are now open to the idea of Welsh Independence’ he said.

Mr. Evans suggested that one path Yes Cymru could now consider was to break down the Welsh electoral system in a systematic way for its membership, in order to maximise the nationalist vote next May.

‘With all their additional resources, they can engage in an awareness-raising exercise amongst the members about the second vote and how that can be used for nationalist purposes, especially on the regional list’ he said.

‘That will be our main focus as Wales’s second nationalist party – the only party officially allowed by the Electoral Commission to use the title “Welsh Independence Party” on the ballot papers’.

A recent study by Harvard University in the US, showed that it only required 3.5% of a population, actively engaged in a popular movement, to achieve serious political change in a society.

With non-violent campaigns being much more successful than violent campaigns, as witnessed for example by the ‘Singing revolution’ in Estonia and the ‘Rose revolution’ in Georgia which led to huge changes in both nations.

The authors of the study also highlighted the fact that unity of purpose was a key feature of successful movements, with the more fractious campaigns often failing to make its mark in the same way.

3.5% of the Welsh population involved in a popular movement such as Yes Cymru would amount to around 110,000 people.

The way things are going, who’s to say that particular target is unachievable here in the land of song over the next few years.

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