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Scotland’s ALBA Party will be releasing their manifesto to coincide with the anniversary of the famous ‘Declaration of Arbroath’ – Scotland’s version of Wales’s ‘Llythyr Pennal’ penned by Owain Glyndwr.

The party – led by former First Minister Alex Salmond – has only been in existence for a fortnight, but they are already having a clear impact on the Scottish political scene.

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times over the weekend, showed that ALBA’s plan for a ‘super-majority’ at the election was already shaping up, with the three pro-indy parties likely to win 79 seats in the 129 seat Holyrood Parliament.

Crucially the new gains (including 6 for ALBA) would be achieved by depriving unionist parties of 11 seats, showing that variation within the Indy movement need not lead to the often quoted ‘splitting the vote’ scenario.

ALBA have made it perfectly clear they are targeting the List Seats alone, so that the million nationalist votes squandered in 2016 (for a measly tally of 4 seats out of 56) is not repeated this time.

Their consensual ‘Vote SNP 1 and ALBA 2’ makes a refreshing change in today’s tribal politics, and it was good to see influential Scottish band The Proclaimers announcing yesterday that they were also supporting this strategy.

Should the ‘super-majority’ be achieved on May 6, that would then allow Holyrood to call a plebiscite election on Independence at a time of its own choosing.

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said it was good to see ALBA seeing things the same way as his own party.

‘When we started two years ago, we identified the second vote element as a key part of our own election strategy, and have been preparing ever since for this’ he said.

He added that the London engineers of devolution had devised the system in a way to try and foil nationalist parties in both Scotland and Wales from gaining power.

‘Luckily, we’re now becoming more savvy than the grey schemers, and we’ll be asking voters here to pile in the second votes for GWLAD so we can represent them with fresh ideas’ he said.

‘This will help to bring an end to the cosy cabal in Cardiff, and expose their corruption and inefficiencies.’

‘The people of Wales deserve better. Let’s shake things up. Together’

Initial contact between GWLAD and ALBA have revealed a like-minded emphasis on pragmatic and sensible policies, over and above ideology.

Alex Salmond is also on record as saying that Independence for Scotland should lead to a new three way relationship with both England and Wales, with all three nations seeing each other as neighbours and allies.

That wider bridge-building strategy could gain the support of many people – whatever their individual political affiliations happen to be.

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