Standing Up To Tory Cousin

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A TOO close to home contempt for Wales has prompted a retired teacher to directly challenge his Tory cousin at the election.

Gwlad’s Clem Thomas is contesting Cardiff Central Constituency, against his younger cousin, Tory Calum Davies, who has announced he wants to abolish the Senedd.

Calum Davies is the son of former Tory AM Suzy Davies, who was supportive of the Senedd, but found herself forced out recently by a Welsh Tory party who have become increasingly unionist in outlook.

Clem Thomas who is a former Plaid Councillor in Dafen, Llanelli, joined Gwlad when the party was formed two years ago.

Having recently survived throat cancer, he had been hoping for a leisurely retirement, but the actions of his younger cousin have persuaded him to re-join the political fray.

‘I was incensed by the way the Tories treated his mother, Suzy Davies, because I have always admired her as a politician, even though I’ve never supported them as a party’ said Mr Thomas.

‘But I was even more incensed when I heard that Calum was standing for the Tories, promising to abolish the Senedd if elected’.

He said he then felt he had to take a stand, and oppose his cousin directly in Cardiff Central.

A spokesperson for Gwlad said they were very grateful to Clem Thomas – a long standing and well respected local politician – for taking such a principled stance.

‘We are aware that it may cause some family tensions, but this sudden anti-Senedd rhetoric from the Tories is concerning, and it has to be opposed every chance we have’.

He added the party were receiving anecdotal reports of traditional conservative voters in Wales also showing concern regarding such thinking within the party.

‘We have always argued there’s a substantial pro-Wales, small-c conservative vote out there, and maybe it’s now time for more and more of these to come over to Gwlad.’

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