Still Time For New Candidates

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WITH a week to go before the deadline for the council election nominations, there’s still time for interested individuals to come forward.

The Welsh county council elections will be held on May 5th, and will be contested by Gwlad – The Welsh Independence Party.

Gwlad Leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans said there were still a few available slots in the party’s candidate list for the date.

‘There’s been an another upsurge of interest in Independence since that brilliant Welsh performance last week, so it’s really important to build on that momentum’ said Mr Evans, who is standing himself in his local area of Llanrhystud, Ceredigion on May 5th.

‘We still have a few places left to fill on our list. So, if anyone would like to support a new, pragmatic pro-independence party for Wales, this is your chance’.

Mr. Evans said contesting county and community council seats was an important way for Gwlad to gain a footing in local communities all over Wales.

‘We are moving inevitably towards an independent Wales, and it’s vital that the people of Wales are presented with a plurality of views as how the nation could best flourish in that scenario’ he said.

‘We are living in a period of unprecedented change in society now, and as a party we believe we will be part of that change for Wales’

The deadline for the nominations are a week today, April 5th.

If anyone would like to contest a seat on behalf of Gwlad, you can contact Gwyn Wigley Evans on 07886 399410 or at [email protected].


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