Stirring up Stagnant Waters

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A thriving Welsh democracy needs a constant supply of new ideas and new thinking to reinvigorate itself.

And there were plenty of new and interesting ideas in Propel’s policy Launch this week, in the form of ten new acts the party would seek to implement in power.

These include establishing a National Welsh Energy company which could amongst other things, extract gas reserves from under the old coalfield areas in Wales.

As well as establishing eight rural development boards, and eight co-operative community banks in those areas to lend to small and medium sized businesses.

And the party go into the election on a clear anti-lockdown ticket, calling for a Coronavirus Recovery Act to help Wales recover after the devastation of the past year.

There were undoubtedly some overblown elements in the ‘Contract With Wales’ presentation yesterday (Wednesday) .

And even some Presidential posturing in the talk of achieving the ten acts within a 100 days of forming a government.

Perhaps Neil McEvoy has taken a fancy to the Presidential position Mark Drakeford seems to have adopted for himself over the past year.

It’s almost as if Wales has become a republic overnight. Without a public vote!

Nevertheless, the ideas presented by Propel will surely enhance the democratic debate ahead over the next couple of months.

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans welcomed the new set of policies, saying both Gwlad and Propel were united in their desire to stir up the stagnant waters of Welsh politics.

‘So far, I think we have managed not to stand directly against each other in any of the constituencies we are contesting, and hopefully we can keep to that informal agreement’ he said.

He added he hoped Propel would emulate Gwlad’s position of being willing to talk to all parties about ideas to improve life for people in Wales.

Rather than following the example of the established parties who are already throwing their toys out of the pram before the election.

‘We’re already seeing Tories saying they won’t work with Plaid, Plaid saying they wont work with Tories, Labour saying they won’t work with Tories etc, etc’.

‘Let’s just leave these spoilt children to play in the sandpit, and let the adults get on with working together over and above party lines for the good of Wales’ he said.

‘Surely we should be able to agree that a good idea is a good idea wherever it comes from’.

Propel haven’t yet published a complete list of the constituencies they are contesting, although four already declared are Cardiff West, Ogmore, Neath and Dwyfor Meirionydd.


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