Stuffed penguin stands in for former Tory minister Alun Cairns at climate hustings

Former Welsh Secretary and Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns, who resigned over over claims he knew about a former aide’s role in the “sabotage” of a rape trial, failed to turn out for the climate election hustings organised at Barry – and in his place organisers put a stuffed penguin on his chair.

“I’m not sure why Mr Cairns didn’t join us for a wide-ranging discussion over probably the most important issue facing us now and in the future, how to save our planet,” said GWLAD party candidate Dr Sian Caiach.

Various topics on climate change and reducing global warming were discussed, including personal actions in saving energy and governmental actions.

“The Swansea Bay tidal lagoon was discussed, with concerns over spending millions on untried technology to benefit a Hong Kong based private firm, and the long time scale to build,” said Dr Caiach.

“Labour is very keen on the grounds that if the new turbine design works the firm has promised to build a larger tidal lagoon in Colwyn Bay. But I am very concerned that the 10 year plus build and the new project of floating housing estate and solar panels contained within “Dragon Island”, she said.

“I am sceptical that so much money should be risked when other green schemes do not need such massive investment and are likely to benefit the local environment and produce jobs for locals.

“The whole Dragon Island project may never get off the ground whilst planting trees and properly sited green energy production is, I believe, more likely to give results more quickly and not just befit a company looking for a fully funded test project.”

Local issues such as parks, flooding and the preservation of Ancient woodland were also discussed.

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