A new pro-independence party for Wales –  GWLAD, GWLAD is contesting the Bro Ddyfi area in the General Election on December 12.

Gwyn Wigley Evans, originally from Bro Ddyfi, is now standing for GWLAD in the Montgomery constituency.

GWLAD  is fielding candidates in three of the Welsh constituencies which have been sacrificed by Plaid Cymru as part of their ‘Agreement’ with the two British parties – the Lib Dems and the Greens.

‘We will be placing our emphasis on what we are calling W-Exit, or C-Allan: the drive to free Wales  from the clutches of Westminster’  said Mr Evans.

‘By standing in the three constituencies, we  want to give an opportunity for people to cast a vote for real Welsh Independence’, he said. ‘A large number of people asked us to step into the breach, and this is what we have done today’.

Mr Evans added: ‘The ‘Remain Alliance’ has been cooked up in London between the Lib Dems, the Greens and Plaid, without local consultation of any sort, or even the courtesy of informing the candidates who had been chosen locally.

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