Team Lifts A Whole Nation

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IT’S been a dismal and draining two years for all of us here in Wales.

Covid, lockdowns, isolation and demoralisation has affected all sections of society, young, middle aged and old alike.

We so desperately needed a lift as a nation and right on cue, that was delivered last night by our wonderful soccer team.

With captain Gareth Bale putting on a world-class performance, Wales secured a place in a World Cup play-off final in June by defeating Austria 2-1.

The performance last night showcased the very best of Wales, almost as if it had been purposefully planned to cast aside all the dark shadows of the past two years.

The passion of the anthem, the sheer togetherness of the team, the brilliance of Bale, and the close bond between the players and the supporters was plain for all to see.

Everything came together perfectly last night, almost as if to announce to the world: this is how Wales can be as a nation, if only we can shake off our political shackles.

Too often our politicians disappoint us and fail to truly show Wales at its best.

Mark Drakeford, for all the media plaudits, doesn’t really inspire as a leader, too often projecting his own personal fears on to a whole nation.

That’s why the joy, the vibrancy and the fearless spirit of this Welsh soccer team appeals to all our better natures.

It cuts through all the public cynicism and suspicion and paints a so attractive picture of a better Wales we can all be part of in future.

Who knows, if the team continue like this, they can be the train that drives us towards our independence as a nation.

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