Teat For Two Keeps Us Bound

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WELSH Labour have long perfected the art of suckling on the teat of Westminster.

This little piglet mentality has proved very reassuring for a party which has no real desire to do anything more than forever rely on the sustenance provided by London.

But the little piglet mentality has now extended to Plaid as well, who have also managed to get themselves placed on the teat as a result of the new co-operation agreement with Labour.

We all know that little piglets love to cuddle up to each other, but the cuddling up between a nationalist party and an unionist party is not all that comforting or reassuring for many in Wales.

For all the brave talk of Labour and Plaid working together for the betterment of Wales, there are real concerns that such an arrangement will now nobble any moves towards independence.

With the I-word being conspicuous by its absence in the arrangement, it seems that Plaid have bought into Labour’s Westminster teat suckling mentality completely.

There are also genuine fears that Plaid will now lose its position as an opposition group in Y Senedd, with the Llywydd currently seeking legal advice as to the exact situation.

‘Not only will Plaid now be unable to push for Independence for three years, it’s also looking like they can’ t provide any official opposition to Labour at all in Y Senedd’ said a spokesperson for Gwlad.

‘It really is a sorry state of affairs when Welsh Labour’s general incompetence and lack of vision for Wales is embraced so enthusiastically by our main nationalist party here’.

The spokesperson added that the agreement’s wishlist – whilst containing some good ideas – was likely to be counter-productive in the long run.

‘It will just reaffirm this dependence-on-Westminster mindset, and the list of free stuff demanded will just increase Wales’s fiscal deficit, as it contains little or no ideas of how to grow Wales’s economy’ he said.

‘Labour HQ at Millbank, who run the whole Labour Movement will also be delighted that they have been able to tame the nationalist threat from Wales so easily.’

‘They must be laughing over their expensive lattes in Millbank at how easily Plaid’s Free Wales dream has now turned into a Teat Wales reality’.

Apart from their love of cuddling together, little piglets are also renowned for their phenomenal sense of smell.

But in this instance, it might be the wider national movement in Wales who will find the smell of this particular agreement more than a little off-putting.


2 thoughts on “Teat For Two Keeps Us Bound

  1. The most important thing in Welsh politics, if Wales is to make any progress of any sort, is to freeze out Labour and put an end to their dominance. Elsewhere on our blog (also here) we’ve contrasted Plaid’s craven attitude towards Labour with the SNP’s much bolder approach, which enabled them to go from a lower support base than Plaid had in the early 2000s to complete dominance of Scottish politics today.

    Very simply, Labour are the enemy. Plaid’s failure to recognise that has rendered them ineffective.

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