The ‘Abolish Wales’ Party

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A PARTY dedicated to the destruction of Welsh democracy have rebranded themselves.

The Abolish The Assembly party have a new leader, a new website and a new membership drive now in motion.

Some have argued that it’s best to ignore AA completely and deny them the oxygen of publicity.

But that would be a huge tactical mistake in our opinion.

There is no sense in pretending they don’t exist and that there is no potential audience for their message about all the failures of devolution.

Especially in view of the recent YouGov Poll which showed that 25% of the Welsh population would now vote for abolition.

What should happen instead is that they be teased out into the open, so that the people of Wales get to know what their real agenda is.

‘We should start calling them what they really are, the ‘Abolish Wales’ party’ said GWLAD leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘People should start to put their Welsh soccer and rugby shirts aside as these will be collectors’ items before long if these people get their way. ‘

‘Because that is the logical outcome of abolishing Welsh democracy and puttting England back in charge of everything here. What’s the point of having a Welsh soccer/rugby team then’?

‘People need to wise up to this stark reality very quickly’.

The Abolish The Assembly party won 4.4% of the vote back in 2016, but they are now polling above both UKIP and Brexit party in Wales.

It’s clear that new leader Richard Suchorzeuskwi’s pitch is for those parties to now join forces with AA for next year.

With every indication that Brexit will be completed by the end of this year, joining forces with AA would seem to be the obvious step for those parties, if they want to keep their place on the gravy train.

With all the money being channelled into AA, one suspects that they are being used as a trojan horse by Westminster to destroy Welsh democracy.

Perhaps our masters have resigned themselves to the fact that Scotland are leaving, and are now focusing all their attentions on keeping hold of Wales.

After all they desperately need our water and our land as as a safety valve to relieve their own serious problems.

But maybe the growing influence of AA is not all gloom and doom though.

If they do stand in all Welsh constituencies next year, it’s likely they will take huge chunks out of the Labour and Conservative votes in those places.

If so, the comfortable majorities those parties enjoy in many constituencies will be under threat for the very first time.

And contestable for the very first time as well.

That scenario could be profitable from a nationalist perspective, with a little imagination.

Perhaps a broad nationalist platform featuring several Welsh parties/groups/individuals could be created to specifically target different seats.

In an age where clear and simple slogans are so influential, perhaps such a broad pro-Wales platform would also need an effective slogan to counter the raw and emotive ‘Abolish the Assembly’ call.

Send us your ideas for an inspirational counter-slogan!

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