The Banana Eating Vote

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HOLDING A VOTE on significant measures already introduced would likely make a mockery of any democracy.

Yet that is exactly the scenario to be played out in Wales next week at the Senedd.

When AMs will have an opportunity to retrospectively approve or oppose the shutting down of the hospitality sector in Wales leading up to Christmas.

With the vote to take place four days after First Minister Mark Drakeford’s measures are actually introduced (today, December 4th).

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said the vote made a complete mockery of the democratic process.

‘You could say this makes it official: we are now living in a banana republic without the bananas’ he said.

Mr. Evans said the First Minister was acting in a Presidential capacity by now, with the Senedd itself relegated to a meaningless rubber-stamping forum.

‘The people of Wales might think they have a democratic forum in Cardiff Bay – but what we have in reality is ‘President Mark’ ruling by diktat’ he said.

Mr. Evans said the latest farce was not only a complete insult to the hospitality sector but an insult to the intelligence of the voters as a whole.

‘The vote on Tuesday simply cannot be an open and honest one on the issue at hand- it will be a matter of Labour rallying the troops to protect their leader. Probably supported by their little helpers in Plaid’.

‘It’s just a terrible advert for Welsh democracy all round’.

He added that it was also most convenient for the First Minister that Neil McEvoy had been banned from the Senedd for 3 weeks for calling a Labour member a ‘Red Tory’.

Especially with McEvoy leading the opposition to the new measures.

‘What a stitch-up. Welsh Labour telling us again, ‘keep eating those imaginary bananas” he said.

With growing public resistance to shutting down the hospitality sector in such a way, one would imagine this could be a golden opportunity for the opposition parties at y Senedd.

But for it to work, Plaid would have to vote with the Tories, and we all know that is akin to eating babies in the minds of many of their AMs.

It’s hard to see them putting their ingrained ideology to one side and standing for the Welsh public interest for once.

Which will probably mean more latitude yet again for Mark Drakeford to continue with his ‘presidential’ approach.

A slippery road ahead then…

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