The Barrenness of Welsh Labour

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A BARONNESS managed to perfectly reflect all the barrenness of Welsh Labour on St. David’s Day yesterday.

Baronness Eluned Morgan, Minister for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Welsh Language

Speaking as part of a Zoom concert to mark the day of our patron saint, Baronness Eluned Morgan waxed lyrical about her party’s ambitions to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

But when you already have an estimated 850,000 Welsh speakers in Wales right now, Labour’s ‘ambitions’ for a date thirty years away are just complete political flim-flam.

It’s the type of misleading headline policy that Labour have specialised in over the years, knowing full well that the lack of democratic accountability in Wales means they are never called to account on these.

Hopefully the arrival of both The National and Herald Wales as new national news sites can help change this situation over time.

But it won’t be easy because when it comes to the Welsh language, Labour still has an irrational fear of the language, linking it as they always do to the national cause.

Believing that any real surge in the Welsh language will weaken their position as top dogs in Welsh political life.

So, as ever things are kicked into the long grass, with vague promises of ‘jam tomorrow’. Or in this case, jam by 2050.

Losing their grip over Welsh life might well be a rational bugbear for Labour loyalists, but it’s the type of power-trip politics which gives all politicians a bad name.

Yesterday was a case in point. Any self-respecting national government would have been banging the drum about Wales and the Welsh language on St. David’s Day.

Emphasising the wonders of Wales’s unique cultural identity, and emphasising all the various benefits associated with it on a world wide stage .

Granted things are more difficult this year, but even so, it was the lack of real ambition in this direction from Welsh Labour which stood out like a sore thumb yesterday.

They could for example have highlighted how Wales is a trailblazer for all the other Celtic languages, in still being a living, thriving tongue in 2021.

A forward thinking government could even consider all the social and economic benefits which could accrue if Wales were to develop a role for itself as a ‘language adviser’ for the other Celtic languages.

They could be exploring how to tap into the economic and social benefits for the language in making new links with the 400,000 Welsh speakers believed to be living in other parts of the British Isles.

A spokesperson for Gwlad said Eluned Morgan’s comments showed how insincere the Welsh Labour machine was concerning the Welsh language.

‘I mean she’s termed the Mental Health, Well-being and Welsh Language minister’ he said.

‘Mental Health and Well-being are incredibly important of course, but the Welsh Language shouldn’t be tagged on as a kind of lazy afterthought in this portfolio.’

‘There should be a designated Welsh Language and Culture Minister able to overlook all aspects of Governance in Wales’.

A million Welsh speakers plus seems well on its way on current trend – whatever Labour’s attempts to push that out of sight and out of the way.

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  1. A plea: It’s Census time. Please, please, please use the Cymraeg form to reply. Use the Saesneg version as a crib sheet if you must (as I did as wnes i ddechrau dysgu pedwar mis an ol) but only return that Welsh form. The more people use that form, the more the ONS has to take Cymraeg seriously.

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