The populist, traditionalist train steams on

THE latest European nation to be impacted by the populist and traditionalist swell on the continent is the Netherlands following the Provincial Senate elections held there a couple of days ago.

The Forum for Democracy party which only formed 2 and a half years ago, finished on top of the nationwide poll gaining 15% of the vote. The Netherlands has a huge range of different political parties,( around 20 of them) so that 15% is actually a very high share of the vote for Forum for Democracy who are a populist party,  also advocating a Nexit from the EU . They are now certain to be key players in the Dutch political landscape over the next few years.

European voters moving  towards a more traditionalist agenda

It seems that even in their poster boy country, the Netherlands, the Liberal-Left agenda is  now being increasingly rejected by voters in European countries, who are moving in droves towards  more traditionalist answers to their nations’  present situations.

The FvD Leader, Thierry Baudet delivered a stunning victory speech: full of moving references to the rich culture of the Netherlands and its enduring contribution to European civilization along the centuries. Along with a scathing denunciation of the globalist cabal in charge who have sold the country down the river over the past few years, whom he described memorably as a “clique of jumped-up networkers”

You had to shake your head in disbelief listening to Baudet’s speech, so different was it to the technocratic, bureaucratic and robotic fare usually served up by modern day politicians these days. He referenced the tale of  Minerva’s owl, traditionally associated with wisdom and the ability to see through darkness, which he said had ascended in the Netherlands during  the election, with the flapping of its wings in flight sure to herald a wind of change not only in his own country but all over Europe.

Resistance and Renewal at the heart of  a sea change in attitudes

So, let’s see-  that’s Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and now the Netherlands- all countries where traditionalist sentiments have catapulted new parties into power in regional/national elections over the last three years or so.

So, what are the common themes of this new traditionalist wave  surging throughout Europe? Well, it could be described as both resistance and renewal at the same time. Resistance in the form of opposition to uncontrolled mass immigration and open borders which is causing such huge cultural and social tensions everywhere,the insidious leftist indoctrination within the media and university sector which befuddles people’s minds and stifles real critical thinking about important issues, and the arrogant power expansion of the European Union and its associated elites.

And then Renewal in the form of a deep desire for national decision-making once again, a fairer social and economic order and wider citizen involvement in all aspects of life in their respective countries.

Citizen’s Initiatives and use of digital democracy

As their name suggests, Forum for Democracy are particularly keen to introduce more internal democracy once national decision-making is restored in the Netherlands. Among their policies are binding referenda on  different issues, as well as enabling Citizen’s Initiatives and extensive use of Digital Democracy.

Baudet finished his speech by reminding his audience of the hostility and ridicule that the political establishment and media class in the Netherlands had shown towards the new party since its inception in late 2016. “What was their constant mantra?” he asked. “You won’t ever succeed!” roared the audience.

Now, where have I heard that before I wonder?!

Gwlad comments: Going from 2% of the vote to 15% of the vote in one election is just an amazing achievement for Forum for Democracy.  It just goes to show how quickly the political landscape is changing and how new political entities can now emerge almost overnight. Indeed, there’s nothing less than a  ballot-box uprising taking place in Europe right now.

As a traditionalist party ourselves, we would say Amen to FvD’s Resistance and Renewal strategy, because this is what is sorely needed in Wales. Resistance to the unreformable cesspit that is Westminster as well as the failed devolution model in Cardiff Bay. Renewal of the Welsh national idea and a completely different citizens-based democracy where all parts of our nation are equally valued over and above the present Cardiff-centric model of Wales.

FvD’s emphasis on a new digital democracy where citizens are intimately involved in all aspects of deciding upon and implementing different elements of their national life also ties in perfectly with our vision as a party. One of the foundational values to be found in our manifesto reads: “we believe in the collective wisdom of the Welsh people rather than the selective opinions of  a few politicians and civil servants”

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