The Waste of Westminster

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A CRIMINAL waste of public money at Westminster has just reminded us again why Wales so desperately needs its independence.

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak has this week written off £4.3 billion worth of fraudulent Covid bounce-back loans.

With the scale of the fraud apparently making it impossible for the UK government to pursue any court action against the wrongdoers.

‘This is criminal, let’s just call it what it is, theft and daylight robbery said Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans. Image credit Golwg 360

‘A billionaire chancellor has thrown our money, YES our money down the drain. Writing cheques without any checks just takes incompetence to another level completely’.

‘And to think they are saying it’s too hard to find out where the money has gone. What kind of fools do they take the public for?’

Mr Evans said the waste of public money on various white elephants under the Tories almost beggared belief.

‘They are squandering £100 billion on HS2, £100 billion on Crossrail, and £10 billion on that theatre of the absurd which is the House of Commons.’

Mr. Evans said he felt sorry for the people of England who are lumbered with such a party and such a corrupt system.

‘I’m so thankful that we in Wales have an opt-out from all this – by going for Independence like the other 194 nations in the world.

‘Let’s go for it, let’s have a go, just like you do in your own home or business’.

‘A good start would be to vote for Gwlad – The Welsh Independence Party – at the forthcoming council elections’.

At the moment, the Tory Party are turning their traditional emphasis on morals, law and order and fiscal responsibility into a long-running public joke.

The credibility of Rishi Sunak as a potential Prime Minister also looks shot to pieces after such carelessness with the public finances.

But the chaos at Westminster, with Boris Johnson now fighting for his political survival, also offers some opportunities for Wales.

And it’s given even greater urgency to YES Cymru’s reappearance on the public stage this week.

The movement has just announced 12 of the names to fill their new Board of Directors, with 5 further places to be filled following an election amongst the membership shortly.

Although it’s disappointing that 12 have been nominated unopposed, there is a sense that the battle for Independence is now well and truly back on the road.

Gwlad wish the revamped YES Cymru well, as a fully functioning non-partisan movement focusing on Independence alone is vital at this juncture.

Which will in turn help the prospects of the pro-independence political parties, Gwlad, Plaid and Propel.

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