Thousands Are Left Voiceless

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A SHAMBOLIC vote at Y Senedd last night has made a mockery of Welsh democracy.

A likely 28-28 tie on the contentious vaccine passports was on the cards, which would have delivered a huge body blow to Welsh Labour’s plans to introduce the scheme.

As Llywydd, Elin Jones would then have had to vote against the proposal.

But Labour and the Llywydd were saved by a last minute technical glitch with Zoom which prevented Vale of Clwyd member Gareth Davies from actually casting his vote.

Although Davies has said today that the Llywydd effectively blocked his vote on the Zoom platform.

Whatever actually happened, it means that over 55,000 electors in the Vale of Clwyd were effectively rendered voiceless on the most far-reaching and controversial piece of legislation ever passed in Cardiff Bay since the start of Devolution.

It now seems inconceivable that the legislation can proceed with so many disenfranchised voters, and court action from disaffected electors and other interested parties now appear inevitable.

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said the people of Wales had good reason to be mad with both Labour and the Tories.

“Labour for bringing in such an alarming piece of ‘let’s see your papers’ legislation in the first place” said Mr. Evans.

“But the Tories are equally culpable for not ensuring their man was in place well before the vote was due to happen”.

“The Tories have let us down in London and now they have let us down in Wales as well.”

“This was a golden opportunity to defeat not only this awful piece of legislation, but also to burst Welsh Labour’s bubble of arrogance –
and they failed on both counts”.

Plaid deserve praise for voting against the proposals despite their close links with Labour, and it was a welcome sign of some independent thought from them.

Eluned Morgan, Labour Welsh Health Minister brazenly dismissed any calls for a re-vote today, saying effectively that “a win is a win” however it was achieved.

But, with the Senedd’s complaints hotline inundated with calls from angry voters today, Baroness Morgan’s sense of entitlement to rule is likely to face challenges from all directions.

With half the Senedd against vaccine passports, this will only embolden the public and businesses to resist such impositions.

Mass non-compliance with the plan is not out of the question such is the public mood right now.

All the problems that the SNP have faced in trying to impose such passports will now land in Welsh Labour’s lap.

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