Time for Second Vote Tactics

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AN Independence Referendum will held during the first term of the next Senedd if Plaid are in power in Wales next May.

This policy position was announced by its leader Adam Price this morning (Friday).

Price said that with Scottish Independence and Irish Reunification now becoming distinct possibilities following Brexit, Wales shouldn’t be left behind.

Welcoming the announcement in general terms, Gwlad Chair, Siân Caiach said a lot of tactical thinking was still needed on the whole issue.

‘Scotland are going to do a lot of the heavy lifting on all this and maybe we do need to wait here in Wales to see how things develop there first’ she said.

‘We’ve also got Covid and a very bad recession to negotiate, so it’s going to be a very bumpy ride as it is without factoring in another contentious referendum as well.’

Siân Caiach said that Gwlad’ s immediate priority was to improve the governance and performance of Y Senedd itself first, so it could be more favourably regarded by the people of Wales.

‘There is a sense out there that the Senedd and its inhabitants are far removed from the concerns of ordinary people in Wales – and perhaps that’s not the best backdrop for an immediate independence referendum’ she said.

She added that in the meantime, it was important to increase Indy-supporting representation at Y Senedd, to build up the case for Independence.

And that tactical use of the second vote for the regions had to be utilised by independence supporters at the Election next May.

‘If Plaid do win more constituency seats next May, they will fall back on the regional list because of the way the electoral system works. This is where a second nationalist party can really help the cause’.

‘In a region like Mid and West for example, 5% of the vote can ensure regional seats for a second nationalist party and that is a realistic target for us’.

‘In general terms, we think we can reach those places that Plaid can’t, and that should be welcomed by everybody who supports independence.’

A cool head and tactical thinking will be needed to navigate the next few years here in Wales.

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