Volunteers Not Wanted Here

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VOLUNTEERS have been banned from sharing election information leaflets through letterboxes in Wales.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has introduced the volunteer ban in the lead-up to the Senedd Election in May, classifying such activity as ‘too dangerous’ at present.

It’s another addition to his growing collection of ‘non-essential’ activities in Wales right now.

Which now apparently extends to smaller parties in Wales, who depend so heavily on volunteers to get the word out.

Meanwhile, bigger parties such as Labour, Tories, Plaid will still be able to disseminate election information, having the means to pay people to do the same work.

So we have a quite nonsensical state of affairs that paying people to do this is considered OK, whilst voluntary activity is considered beyond the pale.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said the new policy was not only absurd, but it also had the whiff of the Kremlin about it.

‘It’s literally a means to control the flow of information which reaches the electors, and try and screw the smaller parties’ he said.

‘It’s control-freakery at its worst, and it just goes to show the lengths to which Welsh Labour will go to keep their grubby little hands on power here’.

Mr. Evans said the stated concerns made no sense at all, as there would be minimal contact made with householders by simply delivering leaflets through letterboxes.

‘Where have these concerns been for the past year with postmen and Amazon deliverers posting daily through letterboxes the length and breadth of Wales’ he asked?

‘Isn’t it funny that this has just now become a concern with 3 months to go to the Election’?

Mr Evans said that smaller parties like Gwlad would need to apply some creative thinking to find a way to circumvent the ban.

‘But, we will find a way to get our message out to the Welsh public whatever Mr. Drakeford says’ he added.

One gets the impression that a person like Mark Drakeford has waited all his life to be able to exercise such power and control over other people’s lives.

And he’s certainly making the most of it right now with the Presidential-like role he has taken upon himself.

You could almost say it’s a socialist’s wet dream to be in such a situation.

One thought on “Volunteers Not Wanted Here

  1. Something I put on Jac’s site recently –

    This ban on political leafletting is yet another example of the underhand methods used by the ruling regime and their accomplices down the Bay to disadvantage minority parties. “Oh” says the prick who advocates this rule, “this rule applies to all parties”. But he deliberately avoids the point that using alternative channels costs money.

    Now Y Senedd can be utterly fair by allocating an equal budget to all parties to meet such expense, a set amount for each constituency and region. Thus a minority party running in 10 constituencies plus 3 regions would get a proportionate handout compared with one of the bigger parties who would go for the full 40 + regionals. Of course it should then become illegal for parties to secure donations from wealthy backers for the purposes of mass communication. Or is that a touch too fair ?

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