Wales deserves better – Independence is the way forward for a better deal as a nation state

Centuries of subjugation under powerful neighbours has sapped the strength of the Welsh nation – but now is the time for change. Wales can stand alone on the international stage and forge a bright new future as the UK struggles to face the disconnect in communities split by Brexit.

GWLAD GWLAD has one primary objective, the fight for Independence for Wales, for a totally independent sovereign state and the right to run our own country.

“The democratic vote across Welsh constituencies three years ago was for Brexit, but we as a nation have not debated whether we want to be part of the EU as a sovereign power,” said GWLAD leader Gwyn Evans.

“Wales is constantly sold short by the UK government, funding from Whitehall keeps us the poorest part of the Union,” said Mr Evans. “From dumping nuclear waste off our coastlines, to scrapping plans for the Swansea barrage, the London Government control all our lives.

“But it need not be this way, we have the skills, the innovation, the workforce and a  spectacular countryside which already helps to feed us, as well as bringing thousands of visitors and their tourism pounds.

“And if we had received the £1 billion that the DUP in northern Ireland blackmailed Westminster to buy votes, we could have done more, and more imaginatively to give our nation a real jump start,” he said.

Already more than 300 companies across Wales have a combined turnover of £37 billion and have a workforce of 157,000 – including Iceland, Admiral, GE Aircraft, Redrow, Glas Cymru, Kronospan and Aston Martin.

“But because we are only a satellite of England we do not reap the full benefits of this impressive list of companies, most of the money from Wales filters its way into the UK pot, leaving us as busy fools,” said Mr Evans.

GWLAD believes Wales should go it alone, that there should be a national referendum on leaving the UK, and the turmoil cause by Brexit provides an opportunity to build on the civic pride, social inclusion, solidarity and working together, which comes naturally to our innovative proud country.

Independence would also enable Wales to boost our economy from our vast natural resources, water, green energy, as well as multi-national high-tech business – the proceeds of which are currently syphoned out of the economy, decisions made by the people of our country for our benefit.

This should be our decision, not Westminster’s, but Wales, a stand-alone nation with powerful communities deciding their own destinies with a ‘bottom up’ approach and a devolved government with local people addressing local needs.

“For too long we have had a Senedd, Her Majesty’s Government in Wales,  which is nothing more than a talking shop with very little power and poorly served by over-cautious civil servants – and a Welsh Office which pulls all the strings.

“ We need to cut these ties, demand the respect we deserve – after all we won the six nations tournament this year – and we aren’t even a sovereign state yet.” Mr Evans said

“Our English, Scottish, and Irish neighbours look down at poor little Wales. We are anything but, and we know that the only way we will get the respect we deserve is through a free and equal Wales. Even little Malta has equal power to big Germany in Europe, it can be done.”

GWLAD has radical, pragmatic solutions to the economic and social issues facing           contemporary Wales, policies based on the benefit to Wales – not on ideology – and costed out policies that will create the foundations of a vibrant, dynamic nation state which can compete on the world stage.

“Scotland is likely to have a second referendum shortly and could leave the UK. We should hold our own referendum and then decide whether we should  become part of the EU, or not, allowing us to boost our economy from our vast natural resources, water, our decisions made by all of us, for our benefit,” Mr Evans added.


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