When A Nation Is Not A Nation

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A WATERED down sense of Welsh nationhood lies at the heart of Labour’s newly approved education curriculum.

The new embedded curriculum which seeks to teach all subjects around the notion of ‘Cynefin’, including history, passed at the Senedd yesterday.

The idea of fostering a sense of ‘Cynefin’ (a sense of place) amongst Welsh pupils is not a bad idea in itself.

Cynefin is a particularly valued concept in Wales, which has always been a ‘community of communities’.

It’s just that this cynefin is then linked up with the vague internationalism that has always marked out Labour thinking – with the nation itself squeezed out of the equation entirely.

The bill states: ‘The curriculum will promote an understanding of how the people of Wales’s communities, culture, landscape, and resources inter-relate with the rest of the world.’

Gwlad Chair Sian Caiach said the Labour Government seemed hell-bent on destroying a sense of Welsh nationhood.

‘Our history is often not comfortable reading, but our nation and culture survived, fed by our remembrances of who and what we were and the hope of a better future’ she said.

‘Teaching the history of other parts of the world and not Welsh history is a disgraceful attempt to destroy our own nationhood by our own government.’

She added there was no need for an ‘Abolish’ party when it appeared that the Senedd wanted to abolish the very history that made Wales what it is today.

There is also a touch of Orwellian doublespeak in Education Minister Kirsty William’s ‘Mandatory Guidance’ protocol on history teaching for schools in Wales.

If it’s mandatory, it can’t be guidance. If it’s guidance, it can’t be mandatory.

If that sounds confusing that’s probably the whole plan.

With this ambiguity about what is to be taught meaning that certain areas will teach more Welsh history and other areas will teach less Welsh history.

That division will probably suit Welsh Labour down to the ground and allow them to further perpetuate their global citizenship good, Welsh citizenship bad narrative.

But ‘Cof Cenedl yw ei Hanes’ is an old Welsh proverb which predates all globalist thinking.

And it’s not good enough that another generation of Welsh pupils will now likely be deprived of this collective national memory.

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