Words That Make a Difference

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‘WHOEVER pays the piper calls the tune’ is a cynical but probably accurate description of the political process in general.

The phrase comes to mind following today’s St David’s Day poll commissioned by the BBC, showing only 14% in favour of independence.

A figure of 14% in favour of Independence in the ICM poll seems very useful for the powers that be.

Especially as it coincides with the first NO majority for Indy in Scotland in 23 consecutive polls, the very same weekend.

And a closer look at the wording of the question in the poll itself, would further encourage some scepticism concerning the real intention of the commissioning body.

‘Would you vote for an Independent Wales, separate from the UK’ was the question asked of a 1,000 respondents in Wales

A loaded question if ever there was one, conjuring up a disturbing picture of an Independent Wales physically wrenched away from the rest of the UK.

That little word ‘Separate’ also encouraging people to think of walls, barbed wire and a life lived almost apart from civilization itself. Something completely different from the open border, friendly relations and vigorous cross-border economy envisaged by Gwlad and other independence campaigners.

And a world apart from the more neutral language used by YouGov in their recent polls, which show around 30% in favour of Independence.

The BBC – as the mouthpiece of the British state – has plenty of money to throw at creating the narrative that they want of course.

A counter-narrative to that can only be a bottoms-up, people based project, speaking truth to power.

During this St. David’s Day week, Gwlad are appealing to people to support this counter-narrative by helping out with the party’s crowd funder for the Welsh election in May.

‘It’s an opportunity for people to get involved and help create the changes we need here in Wales’ said Gwlad leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘The difference with us is that we promise to use your money carefully and prudently’.

‘We would be very grateful for every single contribution towards our crowd funder, however small that may be’.

The famous Welsh poet RS Thomas in his ‘Line from St. David’ poem wrote: ‘The way back is not so far as the way forward’.

That poll from the BBC suggests the way forward for Welsh Independence is going to be a long and thankless trek.

So it’s good to keep St. David’s age old message of “cadwch y ffydd a gwnewch y pethau bychain” (keep the faith and do those small things) close to our hearts.

And put his words into action!

Gwlad’s crowdfunder for the election will run until March 15th.

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