Immediate pushback needed

[This article originally appeared on our Facebook page]

THE London-based media have virtually declared this morning that lockdown is over.

The problem is that these are the headlines that people in Wales will now see and believe and act out in real life.

When there are still immediate concerns about continuing infection rates in north Wales in particular.

It’s vitally important therefore that a clear Welsh message to counter the mainstream media narrative is put out there immediately.

The media’s failure to capture the scalp of Dominic Cummings in a bizarre press conference yesterday, has also amplified the general feeling that lockdown is now over.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford should therefore bring forward his 3-week monitoring of the situation press conference from Friday (May 29) to tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27).

To cut through all the fog of confusion drummed up by a media created elsewhere, who have no regard for the welfare of Wales

Decisive action is needed to remind the people of Wales that our situation is still different to the narrative we are fed by mainstream media.

Obviously, everyone wants a semblance of normality to return and for social and economic life to re-start here in Wales.

But it still makes sense for Wales to remain cautious at this point, and maintain due diligence with the situation.

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