Looking on in bemusement

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WITH two Welsh political parties all set to slug it out in court – most of us are looking on in bemusement.

Plaid and the Welsh National Party are at each other’s throats – not over any grand idea or principle as such – but over a name.

The High Court in London will be asked by Plaid to judge that the Electoral Commission were wrong in approving the name ‘Welsh National Party’ for Neil McEvoy’s new party.

They argue that the Welsh translation ‘Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru’ is in effect stealing their own official title and could confuse voters.

Well as a party, GWLAD are certainly in a state of confusion about this bizarre stand-off between Plaid and WNP and we are at a loss to see how it can promote the cause of Independence in any way.

We feel like an exasperated parent having to deal with two squabbling kids and trying to find out what the problem is, this time.

For their part, the WNP were needlessly provocative in choosing ‘Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru’ as their Welsh name, knowing full well that this would rile Plaid. There are a host of other striking Welsh names they could have chosen.

But then Plaid have shown again the vindictive and self-righteous streak that has become so apparent in their own ranks over the past few years.

One can’t help wondering whether it’s their close involvement with the Labour Party in the Bay that has allowed this mode of behaviour to become so apparent within the party of late.

Both parties are fortunate in a way that Wales has such a non-existent national media, because falling out over a name in such a way would be very damaging to both if a more informed public audience were made aware of it all.

Even so, social media is still very influential and the court case and the fallout will keep that churn machine in overdrive these next few months.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep our heads down and focus on the real task in hand – to try to persuade the people of Wales that we need to move towards independence.

Once Plaid and the WNP finish their court spat, it would be good to think that they can then get back to the reason for their existence.

All three parties can then work towards the goal we all want to achieve.

With an emphasis on constructive dialogue, not needless provocation and an overinflated sense of ownership of the national cause.

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