Looking For A New Direction

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A FORMER Police Commissioner has left Plaid on account of its lack of direction and leadership.

Arfon Jones, the former Police Commissioner for North Wales announced his departure yesterday.

Mr. Jones said the party’s lack of direction and leadership was shown up badly in this summer’s Senedd Election, with the local constituencies left very much adrift in the whole process.

He added that he now had no real confidence in Adam Price’s ability to turn the ship around.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans. Image credit Golwg 360

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said his departure was no real surprise and indeed was part of a recurring pattern.

‘There are many such members who have come over to Gwlad, with the same complaints, a lack of direction and a lack of leadership at the top’ said Mr Evans.

Mr. Evans said that part of the problem as well was that Plaid were now seen to be part of the Welsh Establishment.

‘Not only in Y Senedd – where they are so closely linked to Welsh Labour – but also where they lead local authorities on Ynys Môn, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Caerfyrddin’ he said.

‘People increasingly don’t like what they see in such an establishment party – but quite often vote for them just because of the language or tradition’

‘In fact, there’s no difference between this habit and the Labour vote, turning out to vote for them knowing nothing really about their policies.’

Mr. Evans said that Arfon Jones was welcome to check out Gwlad, if he was still interested in independence for Wales.

‘We are currently preparing for next Spring’s Council elections and hoping to put up a raft of candidates all over Wales’ he said.

‘Hopefully by then, the independence campaign will be up and running again, and people will be able to see for themselves that Gwlad offer a brand new direction for Wales’.

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