No More Playground Wales

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ONE of the upsides of the Coronavirus saga over the last few months has been a tourist-free Wales.

It’s given all of us some breathing space and an opportunity to really appreciate our beautiful landscape in peace and quietness.

Along with a lightbulb-moment realisation what a bane mass tourism really is upon life in rural Wales.

Now though, reality bites with tourism all set to start up again, with the added insult of a new holiday village proposed on the banks of one of Wales’s most iconic locations, Y Fenai.

Maybrook Investments want to build a holiday park with 250 lodges on the old Ferodo site, just outside Caernarfon. The company say they will invest £60 million to create 60 jobs.

The 27 acre site once used to employ 1,500 car component workers, but it has long closed and been derelict since 2008.

We all know from bitter experience what tourism ventures of this nature provide.

Low paying, seasonal work, which just perpetuate the idea of Wales as a serving nation to our bigger neighbour.

With also the inevitable anglicisation that comes in its wake.

The Caernarfon area is one of the highest Welsh speaking areas in the whole of Wales at 85%. It’s the jewel in the crown of Welshness in a way.

Such an important area in Wales should never be sacrificed on the altar of tourism, however enticing the promises always made by developers.

‘Yes, the Ferodo site does need developing – but we need quality jobs there and locally based firms who do not relocate back to base, having taken a pocketful of money from our budget’ said GWLAD leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘We all know about companies like Maybrook Investments. They make promises that are never delivered, and throw dust into the eyes of our naive civil servants, who can tick boxes and think the job is done.’

Mr. Evans said GWLAD’s principles as a party were based on common sense and reality.

‘Would you invest £60 million to create just 60 jobs? I wouldn’t, so why should we as taxpayers believe such a fairytale’?

He added that Wales needed a new WDA to promote proper investment and industry here, to escape the Playground Wales mentality.

‘The Labour government here made a huge mistake in closing down the WDA and relying on their own civil servants instead’ said Mr Evans

‘These people just don’t understand the needs of industry at all, and just specialise in throwing money around willy nilly, with precious little return for the people of Wales. ‘

‘A renewed WDA could perhaps help develop renewable technology here in Wales. A site like the old Ferodo site could be an idea base for tidal energy and associated technology for instance.’

He urged people to write to their local MP/AM in Arfon to oppose the Maybrook development and to write as well to Cyngor Gwynedd, who will make the final decision on the application.

GWLAD are inviting expressions of interest from individuals who would like to stand for the party at the 2021 Senedd Election.

If you would like to be considered for the Arfon constituency featured in this article, contact Gwyn Wigley Evans at: [email protected]


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