Caught in the crossfire

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OVER the past few years, America’s culture war has become a mainstream part of life here in Wales.

It’s almost as if everything that happens in the States is also happening here at the very same time.

With Welsh issues increasingly being shoehorned into an American cultural narrative.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it now looks as if we will also have to contend with another culture war going on next door in England as well.

The BLM protests, and the ensuing toppling of statues has now raised this simmering culture war there to another level.

With activists now declaring they are targeting several hundred similar statues all over the UK.

This is feeding into a left-wing narrative that everything that happened in the UK in the past is evil and oppressive and must be overthrown.

Predictably, this has led to a reaction from the other side with a kind of ‘how dare you trash our history’ counter-movement emerging.

They have now arranged a ‘Protect the monuments’ rally in London on Saturday.

The danger is that this situation could spiral out of control very easily, as emotions are running high on both sides.

It’s not out of the question that this could even lead to the emergence of a far-right English party in response to it all.

It’s inevitable that all this will impact us here in Wales and that we will be unfortunately dragged into another culture war not of our making.

Cool heads are needed so that sanity can prevail here as it all plays out in front of our eyes.

We shouldn’t fall for either the narrative of the extreme left or the extreme right groups.

Wales is not America. And it is not England either.

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