Why I’ve Joined Gwlad

In the first of what we hope will become an occasional series, here is a new member – 19-year-old Iwan Rhys Evans, of Morfa Nefyn near Pwllheli – explaining the reasons why he has just joined Gwlad.

I joined this party because I believe that this party wants to bring Wales out of the unequal union with Britain. Their policies are simple and direct.

For me the only way for Wales to survive as an independent country to follow the example of Switzerland. For example a strict policy about neutrality, a free capitalist system, accession only to the United Nations and not the European Union or NATO.

Another reason I joined this party is because of Brexit. I believe entirely in democracy as the outcome of the people. Many other parties have completely ignored this. I think a number of parties have forgotten that they are public servants to the people, and not their masters.

I absolutely believe that this party wants to respect the will of the people for any democratic vote. Responding to any of the problems the people want changed, like the public servants they are supposed to be.

I hope that a number of people my age join the party, since they share the same political perspective as I do. I also want to show that this party that wants to lead Wales towards independence where our future will be peaceful and prosperous.

Welcome, Iwan! We look forward to working alongside you and building the country we all long to see Wales become.

One thought on “Why I’ve Joined Gwlad

  1. Croeso cynnes iawn Iwan. Gobeithio eich cwrdd cyn bo hir?
    Ron Roberts, Llanrwst

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