Party Rewards Their Cronies

CRONY politics in the UK has been highlighted again after an ‘unlawful’ £18 billion spend by a leading Tory politician.

A High Court Judge has ruled that Health Secretary Matt Hancock acted contrary to the law in granting £18 billion worth of coronavirus contracts to various firms.

The multi-billion contracts for protective equipment were not published within the 30 day period required by law.

Many of the contracts were awarded to companies with no prior experience in the field, but who happened to be well-connected to the minister and his inner circle.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said it was an unbelievable abuse of taxpayers money and public trust.

‘The Tories signal that crony capitalism is OK – “We’re all in this together”, they say. Yeah right – when you are among this government’s cronies’ he said.

‘They are really playing the public for fools in milking the system for each other like this.’

He added that the radio silence about the scandal from the media and the other parties made the whole sordid episode even worse.

‘Where are Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid on this? Why aren’t they speaking up about it, what are they afraid of?’

As a party, Gwlad believe that a responsible capitalism, based mainly around Wales’s own small and medium-sized companies, is our best bet to thrive in future.

But the distorted crony capitalism currently championed by the Tories is no sort of model to follow at all.

‘Gwlad will speak out against all forms of crony capitalism in the Senedd’ said Mr Evans.

‘But we we will also be just as tough on crony socialism which can be just as bad sometimes.’

Whatever the realities of the coronavirus situation, it is undeniable that it has also been used as a huge money-making exercise by those in the know.

‘Follow the money’ is always a good maxim to follow in politics.

A recent Forbes Magazine article revealed that 50 newly minted billionaires have emerged this past year in the health care, medical and big pharma fields.

No surprise then that leading UK politicians and their friends have wanted to get in on the act.

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