Main Aims and Principles


  • To establish GWLAD as a political party and movement that will speak up for and defend all those living in Wales, their communities, and the wider national interest.

  • To defend and develop the linguistic, cultural and historical heritage unique to Wales, which have given Wales its identity.

  • To stand for and promote the unity of Wales while also recognising the regional and other variations that give Wales its character and its strength.

  • To argue strongly for all parts of Wales to be treated fairly and equally in terms of economic development and other ways.

  • To encourage people who share these ambitions to join GWLAD and take the party, and our country, forward.


  • We shall build up GWLAD into a force for change, by questioning and challenging anything which damages Welsh interests while proposing initiatives and strategies to benefit Wales and her people.

  • Given the woeful combination of bias and inadequacy characterising the Welsh media, GWLAD will use the media of the twenty-first century to take its message to our people and – given the nature of that media – the wider world.

  • GWLAD will focus on Wales and will not waste its energies on issues in faraway lands that – however tragic – we cannot influence; nor will we involve ourselves with UK issues that are deemed to be of little or no relevance to Wales.

  • GWLAD will contest elections. There are community council seats waiting to be filled, there are regular by-elections to our local authorities, and by the next elections to the Welsh Assembly in 2021 we plan to field a full slate of candidates for both constituency and regional seats.

  • To establish GWLAD as a major political force.


  • GWLAD seeks the establishment of an independent state of Wales acting in the interests of its citizens and no-one else. A state governed by the provisions of a written Constitution that regards and treats all citizens as equal.

  • The citizens of Wales will be answerable to no other authority on earth but the government they themselves have elected, and will be bound only by laws made in their name by their government.

  • A re-born Wales that will have control over all the built and natural resources within the national territory and territorial waters.

  • Wherein the government will deliver equal opportunities and benefits to all its citizens in education, health, self-improvement and other spheres.

  • After many centuries of what is akin to exile, we Welsh will be ‘home’, no longer vilified, exploited and marginalised in our own land. A great injustice will finally have been righted.

And YOU can make it happen by joining GWLAD