The Unholy Remain Alliance

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SO Plaid, the Lib Dems and the Greens have only just gone and done it.

Yes, yesterday they unveiled their unholy alliance where this strange mix of parties will ‘work together’ in 11 Welsh constituencies at the General Election.

With each party standing down to aid each other’s chances in these places.

Here’s 10 takeaway points to bear in mind.

  1. Welsh nationalists will now be deprived of a voice in 5 parts of our country (those places where Plaid are standing down).
  2. By aligning with these two unionist parties, Plaid are now openly and actively endorsing revoking Article 50 – i.e cancelling Brexit completely. Is that really a good idea when nearly 54% of your own compatriots voted for it?
  3. It’s all sweetness and light right now between the 3 parties. Noble words about ‘putting country before party’ etc. Just wait for the cat fighting to begin. The Liberal Democrats in particular are famous for their viciousness in election contests. Ceredigion anyone? It’s got all the signs of being one huge car crash….
  4. Standing against the basic principle of democracy – and the biggest ever vote ever held in the UK – is not a good look. Especially as one of the themes of this election will be whether or not we are actually living in a functioning democracy in 2019.
  5. Back room deals in smoky rooms between party leaders, without real local consultation, entrenches this lack of basic democracy theme. Voters are not automatons, programmed to just follow blindly what their leaders pronounce. They are likely to revolt against this top-down approach and vote according to their individual consciences.
  6. Adam Price is a reckless gambler, who lives for risk taking. He’s staking it all on hopes for a hung parliament, where Plaid can have a bit of influence on the Westminster stage. However by doing so, he’s endangering the viability of any future Welsh Independence referendum, which could be easily challenged in the wake of abandoning the ‘loser’s consent’ principle.
  7. Being hitched to Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson is another example of being hostage to fortune. The more people hear this over promoted, student politics leader talking, the more people are switching off. Delusional, pompous, arrogant:symptomatic of the political class of today. Do nationalists really want to be associated with this person?
  8. It’s a rotten deal when you fail to ensure that the Lib Dems do not respect the significance of your newest MP (Ben Lake, Ceredigion).
  9. When you sup with the devil, you had better have a long spoon. With the Lib Dems and the Greens now having an input into the nationalist narrative, expect more watering down to come.
  10. All of the above suggests that Plaid are now not really a nationalist party any more. Rather, they are post-national EU liberals.

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