This Daniel is a nightmare

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MANY Welsh people will remember the figure Daniel from their time at Sunday School.

A dreamer, a prophet and a figure known and respected for his wisdom and intelligence.

It’s a pity we can’t say the same for a modern day Daniel – a Tory politician called Daniel Kawczynski, the MP for Shrewsbury.

Mr Kawczynski has been complaining that people in his constituency can’t visit their nearest beach because of the regulations now in place in Wales.

Although, the nearest beaches for his constituents are actually in England!

But, he’s gone further than that, calling now for an urgent debate about what he calls the ‘useless and expensive’ Welsh Senedd.

In the original story, Daniel represents resistance of the captured Israelites to the Babylonian empire, drunk with power and hubris.

This modern Daniel seems like the exact opposite – the personification of a modern Babylonian Empire, the British state.

Now, we all know that backbench MPs like Daniel Kawczynski are used to do the initial dirty work for their superiors in the command structure.

That’s the way for such individuals to ingratiate themselves with their controllers and climb up the greasy pole of party politics.

So, no doubt, he is being used purposefully to fly a kite and push an agenda from the Westminster Government, who want to weaken and diminish our Welsh democracy .

But, all Kawczynski has managed to do is to increase the resistance here in Wales tenfold yet again.

So, if Yr Amwythig (Shrewsbury) ever returns to being Welsh territory as part of an Independent Wales, maybe we’ll eventually have fond memories of him!

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