Time to ditch dirty politics

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OVER 250 new members have signed up with YES Cymru over the past few weeks.

That’s great news and a further sign of how the tide is turning here.

Whatever one thinks of Dominic Cummings’s personal situation, it’s clear that Westminster is fast losing its grip on things, following its shambolic handling of the corona virus crisis.

The Tories and the media are fighting like ferrets in the sack for supremacy at present, using all their respective dirty tactics to try to nobble each other.

All the things that sicken normal people so much. The kind of politics we want to escape from so desperately in Wales.

That’s why it was so disappointing to hear of the same kind of underhand tactics on display here as well yesterday.

This in the form of a menacing email sent by a Plaid staffer to a member of Neil McEvoy’s office staff yesterday.

Trying to persuade this member of staff to abandon McEvoy’s cause with a slightly alarming reference to his future prospects and even his young family’s well-being should he not do so.

The anonymous staffer also mentions another complaint he had submitted to the Senedd’s Standards Commissioner about McEvoy which ‘will finish him off’.

One has to wonder why Plaid has to resort to such low political manouveres right now.

Haven’t they got enough on their plate looking after one of their Westminster MP’s at present?

But, perhaps it goes to show once again how infected they are by the Westminster political mindset – where anything goes to keep your grip on power.

They’ve also of course been heavily infiltrated by Labour party members over the years, and we all know how that party’s specialist subject is dirty tactics.

This is not the type of model we want to replicate here in Wales.

It’s surely not what the 2,500 members now signed up with YES Cymru want to see in a new Wales either.

An Independent Wales will not be worth it if all that emerges is a smaller version of Westminster’s snakepit politics model.

The onus is now on all the new participants, YES Cymru, GWLAD and the WNP to show that a more decent type of political model can be home built here in Wales.

Otherwise, ordinary people will just be as disillusioned and disengaged from politics as they are right now.

Time to flag up a cleaner type of politics in Wales.

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