Tryweryn All The Time

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A PIVOTAL site in Welsh History has been lost to the interests of holidaymakers.

Llys Llywelyn was a Heritage Centre, set up to celebrate Aberffraw’s key role as the virtual political capital of Wales for many centuries.

However the centre has now been sold, and is being promoted as a holiday cottages site.

To add insult to injury, the Llywelyn (denoting both Llywelyn Fawr and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the famous Welsh leaders who held their royal courts at Aberffraw), has been mis-spelt as Llewelyn.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans. Image credit Golwg 360

‘Let’s be clear – there is now a concerted effort to eradicate our whole identity as a nation’ said Gwlad leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘Forget the nostalgia around ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ – we have a whole series of them happening right here, right now’

Mr. Evans said it was hard to keep up with what he called a ‘tsunami’ of concerted attacks on the very concept of Wales as a nation at present.

‘We’ve got family farms being planted with trees for the benefit of rich firms in London, we’ve got wind farms being built for the benefit of England, and we’ve now got tourism desecrating one of our most important historical centres’

‘And when you throw in BAME history being mandated for our schools, with Welsh history being optional only – you have to ask yourself what’s really going on here’.

The sale of Llys Llywelyn also poses hard questions for Cyngor Ynys Môn who originally owned the site and Cadw who are supposed to be responsible for historical sites in Wales.

But it also poses harder questions for the Welsh Government who sit back and allow all the attacks to happen under Mark Drakeford’s nice but insipid leadership.

Making them virtually complicit in a clear Westminster plan to ‘unite’ the UK by whatever means possible.

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