‘Western Gateway’ says it all

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THE new ‘Western Gateway’ initiative says it all about Westminster’s colonizing intents in Wales.

The project to create a new economic region between south Wales and the west of England has now been given the green light to create a board and vision document.

Katherine Bennett of Airbus, the project Chair, makes no pretence at all about its aims, when she talks about ‘boosting the western part of the UK’.

It all adds up – the removal of the tolls from the Severn Bridge, the renaming of the bridge to Prince Charles Bridge with no public consultation, were all a preamble for this naked attempt to finally dilute Welsh national identity.

And the name says it all as regards how those in power regard Wales – as just their western gateway for land, leisure and easy money making opportunities.

Cheap land, cheap labour, cheap housing. That’s how cheaply they view us.

The basic point to be made here is that no one in Wales has voted for any of this. This new ‘economic region’ was not on any party’s manifestos in the last Senedd Elections in 2016, so the general public have had no say on it whatsoever.

It’s all been concocted behind the scenes by people with no love or regard for the wellbeing of Wales, and fronted by our very own pocket-sized pimp, former Welsh Secretary of State, Alun Cairns.

With our own Welsh Government steamrollered in this 21st imperial project, and seemingly completely impotent to do anything about it.

GWLAD leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said the whole episode is yet another wake-up call for the Welsh nation.

‘We either need to find a chiropractor who can identify a backbone within the Senedd, or vote in other people next year. We say to people you should try GWLAD, we tell it as is, we owe no favours to anyone other than the Welsh people’.

He added that a proper Welsh Government’s priorities would be to look after Welsh interests first and foremost, building up the nation’s own failing infrastructure and looking to promote business opportunities within Wales.

‘Cross-border trade is obviously important and needs to continue, but we all know that Wales’s real pressing need is to build up our own economy – not to pander to another white elephant money-making scheme for people on the make’.

The project now has a live website ‘Western Gateway’.

We encourage all our readers to go on this website and express your opposition to the project. You can also make your feelings known to your elected AMs and MPs.

It’s time to stop these shysters involved with the ‘Western Gateway’ in their tracks and tell them Wales is not for sale.

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