A week into the campaign

It’s now a full week since nominations closed and the General Election campaign began in earnest.

We had hoped as a party to put up four candidates, one in each of the constituencies where Plaid Cymru had decided to pull out. In the end, we could not confirm a suitable candidate for Brecon and Radnor so we have three candidates in the race:

Gwyn Wigley Evans Montgomeryshire
Sian Caiach Cardiff Central
Laurence Williams Vale of Glamorgan

All three of them are very strong candidates, and we ask your support for all three of them. Here’s some of the press coverage they’ve received already:







Ifan Morgan Jones at nation.cymru did his very best to do a hatchet job on Laurence Williams, our Vale of Glamorgan candidate, but the balance of comments below the article are very positive for us:




  1. Show your support in social and print media. Tweet, post on Facebook, or write to your own local papers. Anything and everything to raise the party’s profile nationally, even if you don’t live in or near one of the target constituencies.
  2. Volunteer to knock on doors or give out leaflets in one of the target constituencies. Reply to this mail saying where is within travelling distance for you, and we’ll suggest where you could go – perhaps with a gang of other supporters. Choose between urban central Cardiff and Barry, or the larger rural areas of the Vale and Montgomeryshire.
  3. Attend a hustings meeting. A number of these are planned already, especially in Montgomeryshire. Cheer the candidate, ask challenging questions and post about it on social media:


    Saturday 23rd November 3.00pm Plas Machynlleth
    Sunday 24th November 7.00pm Llanidloes Community Centre
    Monday 2nd December 7.30pm Montgomery Council chamber
    Wednesday 4th December 7.00pm Elephant & Castle Newtown (where we had our policy conference in March)
    Thursday 5th December 7.30pm Newtown Evangelical Church
    Monday 9th December 2.00pm Welshpool sheep market FUW


    None confirmed as yet


    Monday 2nd December 6.00pm Barry YMCA
  4. Donate. Unfortunately this is an expensive business, and the more we can raise the more aggressive we can be with leaflets, posters, advertising, and reconstructing the website. There are two ways you can donate:


    Send to Santander:
    Sort Code 09-01-29
    Account no. 28958455
    Payee name: Gwlad Gwlad
    Reference: Your initials + GGDon001


    From your account, click on “Send Money” and address it to [email protected].
    Yes, that’s the old domain name, but you should immediately see it confirmed back to you as “Gwlad Gwlad” before you enter the amount.

Finally, our new website at www.gwlad.org is now up, but to be honest it is still a bit sparse. We plan soon to have the membership page enabled, and then to open the blog and start re-posting pages that were on the old News Portal site. Once again, the more money we can raise the more we can spend on completing and promoting the site.

Chair: Sian Caiach

Leader: Gwyn Wigley Evans

Policy and Research Co-ordinator: Stephen Morris

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