Dau sylw ar “(English) 2021 Mustn’t Be A Repeat of 2007

  1. I also was a Plaid activist in 2007. I went to the special conference in Pontrhydfendigaid where Plaid debated whether they should form the Rainbow Coalition. I spoke on the platform in favour of the Rainbow Coalition but if my memory serves me right Cynnog Dafis spoke before me and was against it as was I believe Dafydd Iwan who followed me on the platform. The their arguments and oratorical skills carried the day and the Rainbow coalition lost the vote. I wonder what Cynnog Dafis and Dafydd Iwan now think of the decision made that day.

    I think that you have written an excellent analysis of what happened and agree with it whole heartedly. The challenge for Gwlad now is to put together a program that will appeal to nationalist of every hue. If the nationalist cause is left in the hands of Plaid Cymru I think we can confidently look forward to another twenty years of uninterrupted Labour Party rule in Cardiff.

  2. I also argued for the rainbow at that conference, but I dont think Ieuan WJ, dedicated though he is to Wales, had the leadership skills to lead a minority government. I guess he knew this and feared damning Wales and Plaid by taking the helm and failing. His commitment is illustrated by the fact he only stepped down when he had prepared a popular able successor in Rhun. Sorry Gwlad, although I left Plaid due their ongoing abuse of Neil, undermining his party’s good work, they still have by far the best chance of turning around Wales fortunes this spring. If they and we had sense, we would all cooperate to change the government in May and save the Senedd. If Labour or Tories rule Wales they will prove the enemies of devolution right as either Wales disappears into the mire of incompetence and worse or Paul Davies chucks the reins to Cummings and Boris as he publicly intends.

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