(English) A Guest Post by Terry Breverton

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  1. I agree strongly on the paucity of “green jobs”. The firm promoting a local 200 acre plus proposed solar farm in Llanelli are very open in saying that it will produce 20 jobs in the first 2 years, mainly imported construction specialists, and require 2 or 3 security guards locally long term to check the locals don’t pinch the wiring etc.

    Also, the Swansea bay lagoon is just a prototype of untested technology and is demanding massive and risky public investment in a private firm. I’ve seen the presentation twice, and the computer generated pretty animation of the project is very sweet, but not convincing. Even WG won’t pay £1.3 billion for it.

    Getting the Welsh Government to subsidise untested technology so that a private firm can then build proper scaled up projects in North Wales and across the UK is not sounding like a good idea. The price they want for the electricity will impoverish us even further.

    The new suggestion, 30% cheaper, is called “Dragon Island” and is a floating island in the lagoon, Again, new, untested technology. Dragon island will include 10 thousand homes built floating in the bay on a dragon shaped artificial island with solar panels and lots of other random features.Looks pretty. Still scary! It could put Swansea on the map in a bad way! The developer, Mr Copson is Hong Kong based and trying to get it adopted into the Swansea Bay City Deal.


    1. I hadn’t come across that Dragon Island project before; when I looked at the Business Wales article, the first thing I did was to check the date on the masthead to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

      We want Wales to be a country of innovators, but that doesn’t mean throwing money at anyone who comes here with a bright idea that no-one else has been willing to fund. We need to nurture our own innovators, and I’m convinced the best way to do that is to provide good support through the university system and free up the economy from the dead hand of the Welsh Government wherever possible.

  2. Dear Gwlad
    This article discusses important contemporary issues but I do not think Gwlad should be drawn into arguments of this type.
    The environment is becoming more and more prominent in current political debate. Greta Thunberg has inspired many people to raise their voices in order to protect the environment but as Terry’s article demonstrates not everybody is of the same opinion regarding the seriousness of the situation or the best way to respond. Some people in Wales agree with Greta and others tend more to the view of Donald Trump.
    From the position of Gwlad I think that in general it would be a mistake to come down on one side or the other in situations like this. In my opinion the fundamental objective of the party is to win the support of fifty per cent plus one in a referendum on independence. This is going to be an enormous task and we will have to garner votes from everywhere to achieve our goal. We need to be able to appeal to the supporters of Greta and Donald in order to succeed. This should be a fundamental principle of the party, never to engage with issues that do not contribute positively to our ambition of gaining the support of fifty one per cent of the population of Wales for independence.

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