Un sylw ar “(English) Attacking our Icons

  1. This is what you get from blinkered juveniles led by cynical manipulators. They see Fascists everywhere but fail to recognise them when they look in the mirror. A more balanced mature outlook would permit them to see where those people went “wrong” but also understand the conditions of that time.
    Jones was escaping what he rightly saw as colonialism/imperialism/racism but got into a colonialist venture of his own in Patagonia in order to facilitate an escape. Or was he the equivalent of today’s economic migrant or political refugee who was merely seeking a new safe haven far away from his troubled land ? Is the new wave in Cymdeithas heading towards a similar interpretation of contemporary arrivals from other countries ? They may be welcoming right now but who know what the next fashionable groupthink spawn may contain. After all they have shown an ease with hatred of some of their fellow Cymry, so it’s a short step to hating people from other countries.

    As for Lewis he has been recognised for years as a bit of a Marmite person. That said your article sums up his stature – ……been instrumental in the establishment both of Plaid Cymru and Cymdeithas yr Iaith and being among the first to serve a prison sentence for his commitment to the national cause. ” Nuff said. When anyone begins to relegate such a contribution to the anonymous margins it says more about their declining values than the man himself. Those “arbiters of goodness” have demonstrated their utter unfitness for anything to do with the cause of liberation. I sincerely hope that they choke on the toxic nature of their attitudes.

Gadael Ymateb

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