Un sylw ar “(English) Building a Nation

  1. The Brazilians were wrong. The US doesn’t have just one Constitution, it has 51. 1 x Federal, but also 50 State ones. That is why the US is such fertile ground in doing Conventions, and Constitutions. You say “adopting the US constitution lock, stock and barrel is hardly an option.”
    Actually it is. As an exercise, I took the North Carolina Constitution and did a “Find and Replace” with word. I simply put “Wales” instead of “North Carolina”! It read very well indeed. Plus Wales could tweak it of course, in a Constitutional Convention, followed by a ratifying Referendum.
    The thing is, Constitutions are fairly standard. The real job is to stand up, declare Indy and call a Convention to adopt a (fairly standard) Constitution. Very often this process only happens following a war or low point. Like Wales has now.

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