Dau sylw ar “(English) Gaining Freedom Another Way

  1. The issue is, as always, Labour and the left dominating Y Senedd. The failed ideology is keeping us poor, unable to innovate and stifled by the burden of paying for socialist money-sinks that deliver no great benefit to society as a whole – which is why I welcome Gwlad and the idea of no fixed over-arching political position on the spectrum.
    Until we can instill a bit of common sense into Y Senedd, unilaterally declaring annibyniaeth am Cymru is meaningless; we’d still be dominated by the mainstream career politicians and their demonstrable inability to come to consensus and make life better for our nation’s inhabitants while protecting our culture, history and national identity.
    Dw i ‘di bod yn dysgu Cymraeg am tri mis. Mae’n ddrwg gen i unrhyw camgymeriadau yn y iaith.

  2. https://brwydrauglyndwr.blogspot.com/2020/10/final-battles-of-cymru-in-defense-and.html

    Forget referendum and Independence involving the puppet colonial parliament in bae caerdydd packed with colonial collaborators on crachach and taffia gravy trains. instead important urgency requires immediate fight back against post covid ‘saislebensraum’ and and homeland fast becoming Corrupt Cymru north and south as your mentor jac points out, So fight back not flee into dreamland and by way just boycott assembly elections and just go ahead and restore Senedd Gyndwr in Machynlleth.

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