(English) Gasonomics – The Economics of the Welsh Gas Industry

Mae’n ddrwg gennym, nid yw’r cofnod hwn ar gael yn yr iaith hon eto.

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  1. Brilliant Mike. I’m always bleating about the REAL economics of the Welsh economy, but at a very basic level. So i’m always very interested in subjects like this where someone knows their stuff and has investigated something which i’d, personally, have no idea about. So, i’ll store this away with my other bits and pieces for future reference.

    You ask about errors. In the last ‘More Detail’ section you refer to 1 tonne of LNG being worth ‘$267 when it arrives in the tanker, or around £342 at current exchange rates’. The pound is worth around $1.3 dollars so $267 is worth about £220. Am I misreading it ?


  2. John, Thanks for the feedback – and yes you are correct – i got the currency conversion the wrong way round! I will correct the calculations as soon as I get a chance but obviously it makes the economics even more beneficial – to someone but not us!!


  3. Good read, I notice the exchange rate was wrong but I can see you already know about it 👍🏻 an independent Wales can and will flourish one day.

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