Un sylw ar “(English) Land Can Still Be Productive

  1. Glad to see you reproducing this information, which I saw oddly enough on the BBC website – they can produce authentic stuff and it doesn’t require any more effort just a bit more focus. Were they to do that more often their credit would certainly be on the up in the Dafis bunker !

    Gwlad seems to be the only party now showing real interest in defending and promoting the best of our nation’s rural enterprise. The townie, soft in the head, lifestyle leftie cliques that have taken over the other parties don’t regard the indigenous food production sector with any respect. Indeed they prefer stuff shipped in from distant growing areas despite the food miles and carbon cost. Yet they bleat on about carbon zero etc and fixate about tree planting on the one hand and clearances to make way for turbines on the other ! Odd mindsets.

Gadael Ymateb

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