(English) No Appetite For Political Force Feeding

Mae’n ddrwg gennym, nid yw’r cofnod hwn ar gael yn yr iaith hon eto.

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  1. mmm, Father (1920-2009):
    1980’s ”it’s critical you vote, many have died for us to have a vote”
    1990’s ”can’t see much point in voting”
    2000’s ”not going to bother voting”
    2008 ”never again would I volunteer to fight for this country again” (1939 – 1946 Royal Engineers)

    I go now to ‘spoil’ my paper. Little point here in Ceredigion; either plaid or libs, no one else gets a look in. If forced to vote I will remove my name from the register and firmly resist any such measure. And yes, I did make a good attempt to dislodge our then Lib County Councillor in 2012. Seems that people generally vote in a selfish manner – not for the betterment of society.

    1. If they bring it in, then a None of the Above box should be included on the ballot paper. Apathy is a legitimate response, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

      1. Apathy is legitimate but in our environment it serves to prolong Labour’s grip on Wales. When over 50% of the electorate don’t turn out to vote surely it must present any ambitious party with a goal. Bring a slice of that apathetic electorate back to life by a) showing what’s wrong and b) describing some remedies.

        1. Disenfranchisement in a colony run by an immediate neighbour 18 times our size, and with a token puppet parliament stuffed to the gills with quislings, opportunists and incompetents? It’s a wonder we have such a high water mark as 50%!

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