Un sylw ar “(English) Re-Energising Wales

  1. Someone challenged my claim that that the increase in gas price should result in an increase in our gdp of 15%. I arrived at this figure based on the fact that the value of gas imported through Milford Haven has increased by around £10 billion compared to our current gdp of £78 billion None of this value appears to be attributed to Wales, but it is not clear how much of this should belong to Wales, and there are different methods of counting wealth including GDP, GNP, GVA. So maybe we shouldnt claim all £10 billion as Welsh, but on the other hand it is not zero as there is a significant increase in the value chain from when the imported gas is offloaded at the port until it crosses the English border.

    I am not an economist and would love to hear the opinion of someone like Dr John Ball on this. And this is why we need an independent Welsh Financial Authority to give us an objective definitive evaluation.

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