(English) Reckless Sparks Welsh Revolt

Mae’n ddrwg gennym, nid yw’r cofnod hwn ar gael yn yr iaith hon eto.

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  1. Reckless is an English blow-in. with no prior connection with Wales whatsoever; he’s just here to extend what’s left of his political career. At least Neil Hamilton has some early roots here, even if these days they’re not immediately obvious!

    I doubt, though, that the Welsh Tories will back Reckless’s agenda to turn the governance of Wales into a Celtic variation of Greater Manchester or the English west midlands, with a first minister who’s no more than a regional mayor. First, because there are now Tories whose political career depends on the Senedd. And secondly because Reckless, as a renegade Tory, has committed the sin which can never be forgiven in Tory circles – he apostasized from the Conservative party and stood for a rival faction!

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