Dau sylw ar “(English) Stirring the pot

  1. The issues you relate sound to me like the actions of a puppet parliament which has no control over the levers of macroeconomics and wider development, so to be seen to be doing something undertakes the sort of fine-grained, low-level meddling you describe. As for the investors approached from the south of England and their refusal to invest in Wales, I’d assume their (correct) perception that their preferred geographical target of investment is where most of the dynamism, innovation, wealth and opportunity lies on this island played no small part. Funnily enough, it’s also where the seat of power has been based for centuries – perhaps these meddling governments can meddle for the better when and where it suits them?

    1. Your point about “fine-grained, low-level meddling” is spot-on. Lacking the power to do anything useful, and the courage to do nothing at all, they tinker about doing stuff that’s actively harmful.

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