Un sylw ar “(English) Taming the Tourism Monster

  1. Would Gwlad take part in a deliberative democracy event (lets get a decent cymraeg name for this process) ? to develop creative solutions that allow a warm welcome while controlling tourism, ie domesticating not killing the creature.
    This could well bring hundreds to a zoom meeting, make waves, create publicity for whoever is hosting the event, and show you can trust people to agree on intelligent creative solutions in the light of full information. The format is input from contrasting speakers followed by solutions hatched in break out groups of around 9 people who are representative of the affected population, then sharing conclusions. Possibly discussing the main ideas to reach whole gathering conclusions. DD is a globally growing complement or alternative to our adversarial western democracy model. There is detailed research into 289 major DD processes showing accelerating use on 5 continents. People love them and they generally produce better proposals than government.

    The tourism issue is a perfect candidate for DD. There are strong feelings, vital issues but its not beyond the wit of an intelligent nation to get a tourism sector that benefits Wales.
    We did this successfully with farmers and environmentalists and others in Ceredigion. It felt like a break through for those taking part.

    Personally I think tourism should be the economic jam not the bread and butter, and like the idea of voluntary Welsh passports that commit guests to love and value Wales in practical ways, to belong here. The Llanwrst passport during the Eisteddfod is a model.

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