Un sylw ar “(English) The Mental Health Virus

  1. “other people should never be considered a virus to be avoided at all costs.” Not the case, is it ? I’m slowly isolating myself from “other people” because I’m getting pretty pissed off with the carping about various aspects of “behaving with restraint”. Now if you have elected to deny that there is any risk at all then being denied by others the right to unrestrained contact probably does cause anxiety, anger, or any number of negative responses. However if you accept that there is “something” out there which can have a serious impact on your immediate health and life chances you need to modify behaviours for your own sake and that of others. Unless you have a severely risky condition meeting people in your own community should be within your scope. If you are isolated for a good reason you can still have contact, like standing or sitting by your front door and talking to those who come to you or are passing by.

    Too many people, particularly those quoted by the media, are seeking the freedom that they derive from ignorance. “Oh there too many confused rules” they say and that gets an affirmative nod from the media nut who solicits such comments. Well, no there aren’t. There are only single sets of rules for wherever you are. Anecdotal evidence tells of people going to Porthcawl to escape the “misery of the restraints” in RCT or Caerphilly. In other words they have granted themselves the divine right to hop like infected frogs all over our country just so they can feel a bit better about themselves. Had they been visiting a crowded party in their home town before leaving they are likely to be well dipped in that misery they seek to escape.

    Maybe a solution to the problems AGJ cites are to be found at community level. Be a touch more willing to talk to neighbours even if that means shouting across the road or the fence. Many work places have found ways to operate within the new environment, so why can’t we make some adjustments to our domestic lives. Fact is that a lot of people are insular until THEY want something and then become upset when there’s no support. Well they need to create that support as neighbours not wait until Drakeford &Co get off their backsides.

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