Un sylw ar “(English) The Rise and Fall of the WELSH Steel Industry

  1. It was NOT concerns over Brexit that prevented the Thyssen Krupps and Tata merger. It was the European Commission.

    They blocked it over competition concerns. They considered that it would create and monopolised market within the EU as Tata also have a steelworks at Ijmuiden in the Netherlands and currently compete with Thyssen Krupps within the European single market.

    What the landscape will look like after Brexit is still unknown. It is possible that Tata Wales could be separated off, either stand alone, or purchased as an individual unit by Thyssen Krupps (or others) without EU restriction.

    As a producer outside the EU, an offshore unit with access to global markets and not tied to EU resiprosity there are opportunities, but it would be a major adjustment. It depends on maintaining a global embargo against Chinese dumping.

    In 2018 the total UK steel exports to EU28 was 3620kt and to the rest of the world 4635kt, 42% of which is made from scratch at Port Talbot.

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