Tri sylw ar “(English) The Sad Tale of the East Gate

  1. Corruption from start to finish. Yet another episode in the long saga of transferring assets and wealth out of public ownership into private coffers while leaving any losses, liabilities and deficits for the public purse to settle. This evidently started with privatisation of utilities and other nationalised business then evovled into wholesale removal of wealth from the state into corporate and institutional coffers. Theft, but legalised by those who benefit and their puppets.

  2. When you arrive at East Gate to go for your Joe’s ice cream – the only reason to go there – you are faced with a corporate scene of national chains of businesses that you will find in any other town / city

    It is bland / ugly / uninspiring and in the current virus covid landscape an empty tumbleweed scene

    What a vision by the now disgraced ex CEO Mark James and the current CEO of Carmarthenshire

    What can you do? – it will now look like that for decades until a new vision comes along in 10 years time and then what

    Llanelli has been let down

  3. The existing Carmarthenshire County Council policy is to use large and small local and Welsh based developers and contractors.

    Let’s see whether they will actually implement this for the regeneration of the 11 sites owned or bought by them in the town centre, the proposed major YMCA redevelopment scheme and the proposed regeneration of the Glanymor and Tyisha Ward area including Lower Station Road and the Station approach.

    Will they remember about the derelict Grade II listed Tinning Shed along the Coastal Link Road at the Old Castle adjacent to Sandy Water Park. They’ve had several schemes there. One was a new theatre – which they abandoned for the Ffwrness Theatre development at the demolished much lamented Stepney Hotel. Another was for a multi screen cinema which they also abandoned – for the main part of the Eastgate development!!!

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