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  1. Excellent article. This is the sort of thing that a nationalist party should be doing. Adam Price take note.

  2. Severn Trent Water had to form Hafren Dyfrdwy, its Welsh subsidiary company in 2018 but its just a name. Most of its business is still run from England and the Wrexham depot address is quoted when it suits. Apart from the staff being just about able to pronouce Haffren Duffurdwee its 99% English – you wont get service in Welsh. To give some credit, they do undertake mains renewal schemes in Wales so at least the network and supply is maintained. But how was an English company who already controlled much of Wales water allowed to recently buy more ???

  3. Thank God for DwrCymru/WelshWater a not-for-profit conpany which reinvests all its surpluses

  4. Very interesting article and clearly explains how these monopolies such as ST and UU can afford to pay their CEO’s in excess of £2 million per annum in salary, bonus and shares etc.
    The CEO of the Not for Profit Dwr Cymru is only paid about £750k which is still a lot of money so at least he and the other Directors are making a nice profit out of turning up for work each day!
    We need to get full control over all water in Wales so that the whole country can properly benefit from what is a very valuable resource.

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